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Our Story

“Our Story is our People”

Hi Cora,
       I wanted to reach out and let you know how much Anthony has stepped up to cover Office Services in the past several weeks. He has been working overtime and making sure Ruby feels supported in her new role. He has been conscientious about making sure the mail and the pouches and everything is buttoned up before he leaves at night. I have complete confidence in his ability to keep the wheels turning in office services! As I have mentioned in the past, Anthony is always a pleasure to work with. Per our conversation, thanks again for giving him some recognition for his efforts.


Hello Beverly,
       I just wanted to further express my gratitude for Amy by recognizing her for her great help today. We had a rush copy job for a meeting that started in 15 min after I notified her. Without too much information about the specifications of what was needed, she understood exactly what I wanted. She expressed the reality of the job and helped me strategize a plan to execute. She is always calm and collected and makes me feel confident that she’s got whatever it is when I am stressing for a deadline. Amy is amazing, knowledgeable and excellent in communicating what the job entails.

My thanks to you and everyone else on the VDS team as well. I know that requests like I gave Amy today, probably happens on the regular so for that, I commend you and your team!!
Ninna P. Brando
Human Resources/Administrative Assistant
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

       Following our conversation in the elevator the other day, I wanted to make sure I send you a note about how great Kyle was recently. We have been searching furiously for surveillance footage of the subject accident that we received from the client (Albertsons) a long time ago and were unsuccessful in locating it. I met with the store manager and a supervisor for a site inspection and depo prep interview on January 17th and they did not have any extra copies and could not obtain a copy, as the accident was in 2015 and the footage apparently recycles every 3 months. When I returned to the office on January 18th, I called Kyle with an “idea”—when he answered the phone he told me he was incredibly busy (and I could hear it in his voice), but I asked if he could find the time to go through every single redweld in my office, one-by-one, to see if the CD had been placed in the wrong case file before I gave up entirely—I told him that I knew it was a tall order and that he did NOT have to do this on that day, just when he could find the time in the near future.

It was less than 10 minutes later and Kyle was in my office, pulled up a chair and started thumbing through each file…and HE FOUND THE CDs WITH THE SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE!!! They were, in fact, stuffed in the redweld of a completely unrelated case that had already settled.

Of course, I was incredibly excited, relieved and thankful! But most importantly, I was extremely impressed by Kyle’s efforts to “step up to the plate” and make this happen for me. He was already busy that day. He had other priorities. He could have taken my permission to put this off to another time—instead, he prioritized MY needs and assisted in exactly what needed to be done—he exceeded my expectations and for that, I wanted to make sure he is recognized!

I apologize for the “short story, long”, but you know what it has been like to take over the disorganization that was Christoffer Gaddini’s work dynamic and how this transition has been since losing Derek Cruz. I’m so grateful that Kyle is here and amazed by his willingness to go above and beyond.

He even moved all my files for me so that the new paint and carpet work could proceed in my office this past weekend!

Thank you for letting me work with Kyle and PLEASE don’t let him quit me . There are some pretty stellar people in this MKERT family and Kyle (and YOU) are certainly a part of that.
Ashton L. McKinnon, Esq.


Excellent Service

VDS provides our clients with innovative approaches to information management but we never lose sight of the fundamental requirements of day to day service delivery. It is our job to provide our clients with quality, accuracy and timeliness in all service areas. We have a strong operations team and skilled employees on-site and we are successful when we are delivering excellent service to our clients.

Continual Improvement

Success to us is providing innovation that improves the efficiency of our client’s operation. Whether that means an improved job intake process, more efficient hospitality processes or a streamlined electronic workflow that integrates Records and Document Management to improve access to information, we are successful when we are working closely with our clients to leverage their investments in people and technology to improve operations.

Skilled Team

We know that we are only as good as our people at your site. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a team that understands how law firms work and who know how to “follow a case”. The law firm environment is unique; we understand it and know what it takes for success! Our employees understand electronic workflow, scanning technology, profiling and indexing as well as the critical basic customer service skills. We’re successful when we have a skilled, stable team that is an integral part of your daily operation.

Our approach is that we should care as much about the success of your business as you do. We have tremendous experience with a variety of law firms and our job is to use that knowledge to create unique solutions for your specific needs.

“We’re successful when we have gained the trust of the firm and we’re “sitting at the table” with you discussing our shared vision and strategies to help the firm grow and stay competitive.” - VDS

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Celebrating our People

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Celebrating our People

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Celebrating our People